Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Baby #4!

The big news of 2016 was that Mike and I are expecting our fourth baby! I found out in August right around the time we were moving that I was pregnant. Because of the miscarriage I had had 5 months earlier, I was a little nervous about how everything was going to go this time around. Mike and I both agreed it would probably be better to wait to tell anyone (even family) about the pregnancy for as long as we could. Well, that didn't go over so well when my mom pulled me aside while we were moving in and said, "Rose, I can tell that you're pregnant." WHAT???!!!! I was like, maybe 4 weeks along! Moms. Why does their intuition have to be so spot on? I lied to her and told her that I wasn't, but she didn't buy it. Several weeks later when I told her that I was in fact pregnant, she refrained from the "I told you so" comments and just smiled knowingly to herself. Haha. This pregnancy has been by far my hardest. I was so sick for the first 18 weeks. Trying to take care of 3 kids, while moving into a new place and being constantly nauseated and throwing up was really difficult for me. I felt like I had lost complete control over my life. I was so unorganized from the move, the weather was turning cold and grey, and it was just not a good time for me. I did eventually get on some medication that really helped, and made my life a lot less miserable! So, I would say the first half of this pregnancy was probably the longest 20 weeks of my life. I'm not 33 weeks and time is going so incredibly fast!! I'm so unprepared for this baby, yet also so anxious to finally meet HER and incorporate her into our family. The kids ask every single day if it's time for their baby sister to come out yet. I have loved being able to experience their anticipation this time around! When I brought Leona home, Georgia was only 2 1/2. She was as excited as any 2 year old could be, but also just did not even comprehend what a "new baby" would be. This time, Georgia, Lane and even Leona are always talking about the things they are going to do with their baby. I'm proud of Laners, because being the only boy was a rough prospect for him. Leading up to the gender ultrasound, he would not stop talking about his baby brother. He would save all of his outgrown clothes in a special spot and tell me, "can you put these in a box for my baby brother? I think he will love these pajamas." He and Mike were really holding out hope that this baby would be the baby brother Lane kept talking about. It took a second for it to sink in, but now he is ecstatic about being the only boy! He thinks it's really special and cool, and always says that we have two boys in our family, Michael Lane and Michael Spencer.
 We received some exciting news about our house last week! I have been driving myself crazy feeling like the house wasn't going to be done in time for the baby. The process as a whole has taken way longer than I initially anticipated, and there have been a lot of pregnant hormonal tears shed over the whole matter. But we finally got a closing date solidified! We will close and hopefully start moving into our house on April 21st. I'm going to be induced on May 1st or 2nd, so if all goes smoothly, we will be in our house before the baby!!!!! I mean, we won't be organized at all, but brining a new baby home to a brand new house is really giving me something to look forward to. So things are on the up and up over here, and I'm starting to feel some nesting urges which has helped me to buckle down and de-junk my belongings and pack up the apartment. We are SO EXCITED about this new addition to our family, she is so loved already.

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