Monday, March 27, 2017

Mary Alice Gets Home!

Probably the most exciting thing about Christmas in 2016 was that Mary Alice got home from her mission! As if the Christmas season wasn't magical enough already, having this event to look forward to made it that much more exciting. We were all looking forward to this for oh you know, 18 months... My kids kept asking me every day toward the end, "is Mimi getting home today?" Finally, the day arrived and it was even better than we could have ever anticipated!! We had to wait for her at the baggage claim for what seemed like forever, but then we finally saw her coming down the escalator and we all got a little choked up. My mom kept saying, "I know that I won't cry, I'm just not a cryer." Well, that plan went right out the window as soon as she saw Mary Alice. Even Mike was getting a little teary eyed. A mission is such a sacrifice! I'm so proud of her for jumping in with both feet and really committing to her mission for the 18 months she was there. I can't imagine how the Atlanta, Georgia Mission will ever have another sister missionary as cute and amazing as Sister Hunter. 

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