Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sun Valley.

We have had the craziest summer! Moving and bringing Vivian home all within the same weekend set the tone for the entire summer. It has been nonstop with this house! Finishing our basement and now our yard has made life a little bit of a blur. I have just taken the approach of trying to be as laid back as possible, and snuggling Vivian as much as possible. I'm just genuinely trying to enjoy every ounce of this summer because Georgia is off to Kindergarten next month and every single one of my kids is just growing so fast! I specifically tell them not to grow up but time has a way of just speeding up and definitely not slowing down. Because we knew this summer would be a little crazy, we decided to stay put and not plan any trips like we normally do. We did go on one weekend getaway though, and that was to Sun Valley, Idaho! My Grandpa Hunter turned 85 this year, and to celebrate his birthday, my whole extended family on the Hunter side got together in Sun Valley. This was the first time that Mike and I had ever been and we were all so excited. The kids were asking every day "are we going to Sun Valley today???" for a full week leading up to it. The drive up was not the most pleasant experience in the world. Vivian does not love her car seat at all, so a 5 hour drive was a little ambitious, but with Mike driving I could sit in the back and help her keep her binky in, etc... Once we got there the kids were screaming with excitement! We got up to our room and got everything settled in and then went straight to the pool. I was surprise how much colder it was up there! I definitely didn't pack for 59 degrees, but we made the most of it, and the kids didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that it was a little chilly. There are so many things to do up there for kids! Bowling, ice skating, biking, swimming, horse back riding, etc.. It was so much fun to be with my whole extended family celebrating my grandpa's amazing life! Georgia really took to Grandpa Hunter and was sitting with him every second she could. It was the sweetest thing ever! Mike and I decided we definitely need to make Sun Valley a destination every year or every other. It is just too much fun and too beautiful to not go back! The kids loved it and I'm so happy that we went because it was our only trip this summer.

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